Characteristics American craftsman Type of housing



As the name of American craftsman, the style is coming from American; it was made by the architects. The design arises since 19th century. But the design is not die at that time and still develop till nowadays. The American craftsman type of housing was introduced by the architect firm Greene and Greene. The American craftsman have their unique point which is the beauty that followed by the functions, natural materials and the details. The character of American craftsman is the thick porch with the pillars that support the poles. The characteristic of the American craftsman are open space, huge porch, gable roof, exterior colors, and natural interior and so on. For more just see the details below.


  • A low pitched, gable roof

That will be very useful when the climate is extreme such as hot, snow or ice. The type of gable roof has a wide.

  • Tapered columns

To support the roof of porch. This is the most distinctive characteristic than other.

  • A front porch

Most of the American craftsman has a porch. The porches should be huge; some even give the extended roof.

  • A partially paned door

This is the door styles that have glass panels separated from the bottom panel. A lot of new style of the door for American craftsman that you can choose.

  • Earthy colors

Most of the American craftsman type of housing uses the color of browns and greens. Its aims to hell the bungalows low profile blend one another.

  • Multilane instead of single-pane windows

It is influenced by the Prairie architectural style. It has the patterns or configurations, but the most use is four over one or six over one double hung.

  • Stone details

The people who want to use American craftsman is freely to mix the materials. But the stone or brick are should include.