The New Style for Long Hair Short Layers Haircut


The long hair haircuts become the most popular of the hairstyle of this year. It offers the fantastic looks all the time. Such a great pleasure to add unusual things that might can’t imagine before. Some women who applied it said that it could create the full impression and make their performance more comfortable. The long hair short layers haircut is the beautiful style ever. Do you interesting to try one?

Long Hair Short Layers Haircuts

How’s The Style of Long Hair Short Layers Haircut

The important thing that should pay your attention is how to keep the hair from damage. Wash the hair with shampoo adjust with your stylist instructions. The short layered for long hair has some style:

The pixie cut blonde highlights

Cut the layers framing your face and add the side bangs with brown or red highlights. It’s chic style for hangout with friends, the long hair short layers haircut show the natural looks.

Chic and straight short layered

This long haircuts with short layered give you a messy and chic texture. Make some curls at the end of layers and get ready to show the freedom of hair movement. You also can add the brown highlights on it, or let it burst with natural color.

Long hair with short, subtle layers

This is recommended for someone who wants to keep the hair length; it’s possible to create the short layered for long hair on top. This haircut will give the illusion of layers. Gives some waves on it to create undone impression if desired.

These are the styles for a long hair short layers haircut. Remember that you obliged to keep the hair using shampoo or conditioner. Go to the salon at least one time in 3 weeks. Choose one and adjust to your style.