What is the DMIT Test ?


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT Test) is a method based on dermatoglyphic, a science that is hundreds of years old. FT is a genetic blueprint. Dermatoglyphic science is basically from Greek word. Derma means skin and glyph is carving is a science based on epidermal theory or ridge skill (lines on the surface of skin, fingers, palms, to feet). Dermatoglyphic has a strong science base because it supported research since 300 years ago. The researchers found the epidermal ridge has a scientific relationship with the genetic code of brain cells and the potential of one’s intelligence.

DMIT Test is undergone to check your intelligence through fingerprints. Initially the palm is photographed with a camera connected on the monitor screen. Next, the ten fingers are scanned on a device resembling a computer mouse form. The trick is simply by putting each fingertip in turn. At that moment, all ten of your fingerprints have been captured in a computer set. Then, an analyst FT will analyze it. The results of the whole analysis in detail can only be given 5 days later, awaiting the results of laboratory analysis in Singapore.When the complete results of the fingerprint record are given to the patient, the team of psychologists is ready to explain its meaning. For information, the little finger describes the vision. The finger symbolizes hearing. Middle finger associated with touch, balance, movement and coordination of the hands and feet. The index finger as the information process, while thumb is to think and make decisions.

Seeing a number of hand-stamps in prehistoric caves, it is shown that human interest in hands has existed since the stone-age. Likewise, archaeological discoveries in the form of hands made of stone, wood and ivory by the civilizations of the past. Therefore, the scientist then develop it to what currently is known as DMIT Test.