A Brief Review of Sunday Walking Street Thailand

Sunday Walking Street Thailand is a large market in the middle of Chiang Mai where the walled city is there. The market stretches about 1 km long, begins from the Tha Phae Gate and then to as long as the Ratchadamnoen Road. The market starts from 4 pm until midnight on Sunday.

The Ratchadamnoen Road traffic closes when the market opens and it becomes a car-free zone. So it becomes a safe road for the vendors to display their goods and welcoming all shoppers. You can see every good and bargain them as long as you want without feeling worried of the zipping past motors on your back.

When the Sunday Market opens, many visitors both local people and tourists always fulfill the area to make bargains of the high-quality goods. The market is always growing from time to time until it fills all the street sides and around the gate of Tha Phae.

High Quality and Original Products

In the Sunday Market, the products offered are not only cheap but also have high quality and all original. The art and craft products of the people from the Northern Thai are offered by the vendors inside the market. They use kinds of material to make the goods, including paper, silk, wood, fabric, ceramic, glass, and much more. The craftsmanship products will be perfect to decorate your home interior or make it as a gift. Besides, there are also many vendors offering souvenirs, jewelry, shoes and clothing such as boxer shorts made from Thai Silk and eco t-shirts made from 100% cotton.

Facilities in Sunday Walking Street Thailand

In the area of the Sunday Walking Street Thailand, there are some facilities to enjoy by the visitors, such as coffee shops, restaurants, bars, etc. So when you feel hungry, thirsty and need some entertainment, then you can visit one of them to enjoy some meals while enjoying the atmosphere of the street market.

The Sunday Market is also commonly colored by the street entertainer performances such as bands, dancers, musicians, and puppeteers. You can also try foot massage offered by many massagers along the street. It will be an effective cure for the tired body by only pay about70 baht for 30 minutes massaging.

When shopping time is over, visiting the temples in the Sunday Market area may be a great idea. The Wat Phan Tao and Wat Chedi Luang are worth to visit in the afternoon.