Comfortable Hotel Near Kampung Pelangi Semarang at Rp 500.000

comfortable hotel near semarangKampung Pelangi in the city of Semarang really steal the show. Not just in the country, the international world is also fascinated by the uniqueness of this one village.

Not surprisingly, the city’s tourist destinations are fairly new is not ever quiet visited by the tourists. Most of them want to hunt for a funny self spot in Kampung Pelangi area.

Well, about lodging not to worry. In the vicinity of Kampung Pelangi, there are a variety of comfortable hotels with the best facilities in the city of Semarang that you can order at Pegipegi.

Let you not confuse where to stay, following recommendations 7 hotels conveniently near Kampung Pelangi Semarang that you can choose. Check it out!


Located on Imam Bonjol Street No. 187, Hotel Citradream Semarang comes with a minimalist concept of minimalist dwelling. Close to the city center, Hotel Citradream Semarang is ready to pamper you with the best facilities and services. Starting at Rp 216,446 * budget at Pegipegi, Citradream Hotel Semarang has 112 rooms with facilities like AC, LCD TV, safe, bathroom with shower to wardrobe.


Overnight accommodation in the center of Semarang offers a simple lodging concept. With a cheery interior design, Amaris Youth Hotel ensures every guest to get the best professional service. Located on Jalan Pemuda No. 138, Amaris Hotel Pemuda ready to pamper you with a variety of facilities ranging from TV, air conditioning, toiletries and wireless internet network that can be accessed for free starting from budget Rp 260,331 * in booking hotel murah online.


Carrying the concept of semi-modern, Hotel Pandanaran Semarang ready to bring experience overnight in the city Lumpia. With classical-style architecture, Hotel Pandanaran Semarang ensures every guest to get professional service for 24 hours. With budget ranging from Rp 275,368 * at Pegipegi, Hotel Pandanaran Semarang comes with a variety of facilities ranging from private bathrooms, complete toiletries, air conditioning, refrigerator, TV and mini bar. Wi-Fi access is available free of charge in every room and in most areas of the hotel.


It is located at Jalan Pandanaran no. 119, Hotel @Hom Semarang is highly recommended for those of you who are traveling solo to Semarang. Comes with a comfortable concept, Hotel @Hom Semarang is ready to provide the best service in its class. Room amenities ranging from LCD TV, air conditioning, 24-hour Wi-Fi, telephone connection, bathroom with shower you can enjoy starting from budget Rp 375.000


Luxurious and elegant! Located on Imam Bonjol Street No. 188, Sekayu, Hotel Dafam Semarang comes with the concept of comfortable dwelling. Perfect for you on your honeymoon, Hotel Dafam has the best facilities with 24-hour professional service. Starting with budget Rp 309,244 * at Pegipegi, Hotel Dafam is ready to pamper you with facilities such as TV, refrigerator, mini bar and safety box. Enjoy also the facilities and services of other hotels ranging from fitness center, restaurant and 24-hour café until airport transfer is offered free of charge.